The World of Medicine in Your Pocket

Meeting the Client

MEDIC app provides a B2C pharmaceutical solution for the users, providing delivery for medicines. The unique approach aiming to be a medical portfolio for the users for their medical history and doctors visits. First Phase will be starting with medicine delivery only aiming to have a second phase that would include more features to add on the launched system

We would like to be the person log for his medical history

Discovery Phase

Through the investigative work, the team understood that magnitude of the problems and shared a vision with the client from the research and the discovery and got answers to the addressed questions and set goals to be achieved as a measuring criteria to the success of the product, hence we can set a measuring tool to our success and updates needed to get things going on track.

Goals were set and ready to be applied for the needed user experience and get reflected through the application screens and user journey.

Discovery Phase


Goals of discovery phase are ready to be applied in the application, reflecting MEDIC’s value and deliver an easy to use application

Our goal for this phase was to build a scalable mobile app for the future growth, allowing extendable  features and addressing the needs of the brand. Prototyping was based on offering a highly engaging interactive visitors , reaching out what the need at a glimpse.

Style Concept

It was a no-brainer that this app design needed to put all the products and services that medic have in a way being able to explore and navigate through it. The application look and feel is clean and spacious easy to read.The overall look is authentic  and creating a more inviting experience.The range of purple and green usage are calm and professional which is exactly what you want in a business that manages a pharmaceutical products and services

Dark Grey

Bringing it all together

The new MEDIC app is a great application of visual reach to the product that you need to purchase, reflecting their huge amount of products that evokes a desirable feeling of real pharmacy experience, we have helped them skyrocket their digital experience. MEDIC user have a clear paths of what he needs from the app to purchase to add directly to his basket, the main navigation helps the user to locate the needed information with the help of a clean architecture.

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